Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Stranger

Sky adorned by glittering stars and surrounded by mouth watering fragrance we simply kept on looking at each other devoid of any talks. I held her hand and never felt like leaving them. She leaned on my shoulders and said she felt heaven like bed to rest upon forever. I felt like kissing her and went near her. A horrifying sound shattered my dream as I was lying on my room dreaming about my girl friend.It was my dirty ringtone.

The moment I picked the call I was taken aback. I dint notice who had called and picked . I heard a voice which was gasping for breath. The call was from girl who make my dream eveyrday. She could not speak a word properly. It seemed as if she was running from something. "Honey what happened? Where are you? Whats going on?". She tried to reply but nothing came out from her gasping mouth. So she cut the call. I dint know what to do. I could hear noise of vehicles and she was in her room half an hour back when I had called. We stay in the same premises. So I took a run towards the parking lot.

The place was deserted as no one was entering in then. I was looking around for her and tried calling her back. I saw some movement behind a car. As I went closer a green eyed dog pounced on me. I got afraid seeing it and started running . Suddenly from nowhere she bumped into me. Her hands and mouth were tied. A car left the lot at the same time. Before I could have a look at at who was driving it disappeared into the dark. I was collapsed seeing her in such a state. I carried her to my place and gave water to drink before asking anything.

She started crying and hugged me tightly. She said she was speaking over phone near the parking lot, suddenly a hand touched her and tore her dress from behind. As she took a run she gave me a call. The guy behind pounced and attacked her down. His face was covered and as soon as he saw me he dropped her and ran away. I was startled to hear this. She was crying continuously. I went near her to console. She dint let me near her as it was torn and said she wants to die if she can for sitting in such a position. I din't know what to tell her.I held her hand and spoke for a while after which she felt better. After a while I took her to her place and made her lie down.

Things happened so quickly from me waking up from a sweet dream to ending up consoling her from the tragedy which happened. I called her up and spoke for a while to ensure she is fine . We were speaking till her cell phone battery got drained . Overwhelmed with thoughts on who could have done this to her it went on to become a sleepless night. Finally i caught some sleep when the night was about to get over. Before I could turn it into a deep sleep someone rang the door bell continuously. I was pissed off at the motive of the one who rung the bell and went out to scream at the one who was doing it.Before I could get out of the previous night's amity ville horror came the next shock. It was none other than my girl. The moment I opened the door she ran in totally frightened and sat down at the corner of the room. Her beautiful face was so pale as if someone slapped her and she was shivering . I could not understand what was going on.

I tried her to hold her up and make her sit on a chair but she did not want to go anywhere.So I just sat near her and gave her sometime to cool down. All of a sudden my normal life was becoming a serious thriller with no clue of who was doing all this. After a while I asked her what had happened. She started crying as I asked and told someone had called her ten minutes back and threatened to kidnap her today. The caller also told he was the one who tried to kidnap her yesterday. I asked for her cell phone which she left at her place as she was running in to see me. I told her to call her friend and ask the details of the caller. She said she remembers the details. The caller's number was displayed as private number and it was a male who had called. He used all sorts of cheap words to her over phone hearing which I lost all my temper. Hearing these details a suspect's identity struck me and asked her "Do you suspect that guy who troubled you in office and was fired for his misbehavior recently ?" She was not sure about his voice but said it had a slight resemblance. I dint want to ask her more on it and made her sleep for while on my lap.

It was a sunday morning, so I called up my married sister who knows my girl friend and asked her to come to my place with her husband and made them stay there as I wanted to check out on that guy. I called two of my friends and we proceeded to his place. We were watching from a distance if he was at his home. He came out with his wife and kids and they were leaving for some trip. I was shocked to know he is already married and was sent off on a behavioral basis. So with a gut feeling he would not be the one I left back home. Two hours got wasted in this and I got a horrible feeling as I could not find out anything since morning. I thought I could atleast stay with her which will make her feel better than doing all this.

I called her roommate and asked her to get the mobile to the gate entrance. Her friend came down and gave the mobile. She asked me what happened as she was not aware of all these. She said she woke up when I called her. I told her everything and went home with her. My girl called for me as soon as I entered and asked if she can sleep on my lap again. "With pleasure honey" I said. She felt very relaxed with me. My sister and others gave some privacy for us.

I was lookin at her frightened face again. She was lying like a little kid who sought shelter on the lap of her mom after being tortured by some rascal. I really wanted to find and avenge the one responsible for this . So pulled out the cell phone to check the details of the caller. There was no battery charge. I wondered if she put her phone on charge after she spoke to me. I looked down and was taken aback on what I saw. She was wearing the same dress which she said was torn yesterday. I could not see any tear on it. I put the cell phone on charge. The most recent caller was none other than me. I was shocked to see what she was going through and for a moment felt dizzy at what I saw.

I went out to ask her friend if she has a problem. I could not control my tears as I went out and spoke to them. Everyone including her friend was shocked to hear this. I could not think anything more than helping my sweetheart out of this devastating problem she is facing within her. I was clueless and wanted help from some one on whom to consult for this. Meanwhile a eye lid opens and its inner soul speaks looking at me "this is just the beginning of what your life will be with me. More to come."


  1. Too gud da.. Felt like watching some movie.. U have loads of talent to make it big in film industy.Jus go for it..Perfect Intriguing suspense story well narrated. Waiting to see the next part of the story.. Heads up ! :)

  2. way to go... one of ur best narrations.. more organized n thrilling flow.. superlike!!
    just 1 suggestion, dont leave the blogs as bits n pieces of different stories.. complete thm..

  3. love the story...criticisms will tell u separately... :)

  4. Nice one... waiting for the remaining...

  5. good one da :) better finish off the stories in one shot! they are catchy reads :)

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